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リリース 公開範囲 リリース日 ファイル
β4 一般 2015年04月15日
β3-1 一般 2015年02月16日
β3 一般 2015年02月11日
β2 TOPPERS会員&ETロボコン技術委員 2014年12月15日 ダウンロード先(IDとパスワードが必要)


ファイル/ディレクトリ名 内容
EV3RT_Installation_Guide.doc 開発環境のインストールガイド
EV3RT_User_Manual.doc ユーザマニュアル
EV3RT_C_API_Reference EV3RT C言語APIリファレンス(index.html)
sdcard ビルド済みのApp Loaderと各種サンプルアプリケーションの実行ファイル.
ev3rt-beta3.tar.xz EV3RTのアーカイブファイル


2015-03-31 Beta 4

  • Development in C++
    • Supported global constructors
    • However, calling functions which may BLOCK (e.g. wai_sem) in global
      constructors cause undefined behaviour.
  • Added EV3RT console feature
    • Long-press BACK button to show the console
    • Syslog can be viewed from LCD screen now
    • 'stdout' (for printf) is EV3RT console now
    • Merged with Application Loader
  • Bluetooth
    • Supported Windows 8.1 (Generic Bluetooth Radio)
    • Added 'ev3_bluetooth_is_connected()' API
    • Bluetooth SIO port will be opened and closed automatically according to the status of connection now.
    • Reading or writing a closed Bluetooth port will not block now. Instead, ZERO will be returned by read() and write() functions.
    • CR ('\r') will not be automatically added before LF ('\n') now.
    • Link keys will be stored to micro SD card now.
    • Local name and PIN code can be configured in '/ev3rt/etc/rc.conf.ini' now.
    • Updated BTstack to r3253
  • Supported static libraries initially
    • Static libs are stored in 'workspace/common/lib'
    • Both C and C++ are supported
    • See 'test-cpp' for usage
    • * Added C++ API library provided by ET-Robocon technical committee. See 'test-cppev3' for usage.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Fixed a bug in unloading application that causes leaks in app heap memory
    • Fixed a bug in EDMA driver that causes MMC/SD and LCD to freeze
    • Fixed a bug in Makefile.lum that causes OS X to build improper static library
    • Replaced 'PRU_SUART_Emulation.bin' with 'PRU_SUART.bin'. This might fixed the problem that UART sensors don't work on port 3 & 4 of some EV3 bricks.
    • Fixed a bug that _dmloader_rmv_ldm() function doesn't delete semaphores and flags correctly.
    • Fixed a bug in loader that causes infinite loop when canceling receiving.
    • Optimized initialization stage of EV3RT platform
    • Removed some unused files

2015-02-14 Version Beta 3-1

  • Development in C++
    • Supported multiple source files (*.cpp)

2015-02-11 Version Beta 3

  • Updated EV3 API for C language
    • Added API for battery
  • Update Application Loader
    • Received files are stored in '/ev3rt/apps/' now. (overwrite existing)
  • Removed 'ev3_power_off()' API. EV3 can be powered off by:
    • Holding BACK+LEFT+RIGHT buttons
    • Using Application Loader
  • New sample programs
    • HaWe brickbench (workspace/hwbrickbench)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added missing libraries (-lm -lc) in dynamic loading mode
    • Source and header files of API are prefixed with 'ev3api_' now
    • PIL (Platform interface layer) version is upated to 3

2014-12-15 Version Beta 2

  • Updated EV3 API for C language
    • Added API for LCD (draw string, display image, etc.)
    • Added API for EV3 cyclic handlers
    • Updated API for buttons
      • ev3_button_is_pressed()
    • Updated API for motors
      • ev3_motor_get_power()
  • Supported development in C++
    • Both standalone & dynamic loading mode are supported
    • Modified linker script to compile properly
  • New sample programs
    • Sample for C++ (workspace/test-cpp)
    • Sample for Trike (workspace/trike)
  • Programs in GUI
    • HelloEV3 & dynamic loader have a GUI menu now
    • Gyroboy uses LCD to show connection of ports
  • RTOS features
    • Static API EV3_CRE_CYC is supported to create EV3 cyclic handlers
      • Both standalone & dynamic loading mode are supported
    • CRE_SEM and CRE_FLG are also supported in dynamic loading mode now
  • Application development
    • Standalone & dynamic loading mode share the same cfg file (app.cfg) now
      • app_mod.cfg (for dynamic loading in Beta 1) is no longer used
    • Dynamic loader can recover from application crashes now
  • New core services (or device drivers)
    • Implemented ST7586 LCD driver
      • Auto refresh (frame rate: 25 fps by default)
        • DMA is used to reduced the overhead of refreshing to a very low level
    • Implemented service for EV3 cyclic handlers
  • Miscellaneous
    • EV3 can be powered off by holding back, left and right buttons now
    • PIL (Platform interface layer) version is upated to 2
    • Updated installation guide and user manual.

2014-10-22 Version Beta 1

  • Released Beta 1.
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